Budget Planning, Hiring, Training & More: The Complete 2017 Marketing Strategy Kit [Free Download]


It’s almost the end of the year — which means marketing leaders everywhere are in the throes of getting organized for a fresh and successful new year.

You’re setting goals, managing your budget, reading up on how inbound marketing is changing, and figuring out which positions you can hire for. What’s more, you’re finding yourself creating a whole bunch of PowerPoint presentations to package this information nicely for your team, your managers, and other key stakeholders.

To help you stay organized and focused through all of your 2017 priorities, we’ve gathered together a complete collection of executive templates and guides in our latest kit: The 2017 Marketing Strategy Templates & GuidesIt includes:

  • The 2016 State of Inbound Marketing & Sales Report
  • 8 Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend
  • 29 Job Descriptions for Hiring Excellent Marketers
  • Top Training Needs for Marketing Teams
  • How to Create Beautiful PowerPoints

Use the 2016 State of Inbound Marketing and Sales Report will help you communicate your goals with valuable insight from a diverse collection of global marketers. Then, try out our 8 Budget Templates to take control of all the moving pieces of your expenses on a monthly and quarterly level.

As you finalize the focus of the department, use our collection of 29 Job Descriptions for Hiring Excellent Marketers to identify what positions you might be missing, and then easily copy-and-paste these descriptions into your next job listings. Then, check out our Top Training Needs for Marketing Teams report, where we’ve compiled the questions marketers miss most from our Inbound Marketing Certification test and provided a refresher for the sections that proved most difficult.

And as you prepare your decks for the training sessions, use our beautiful PowerPoint templates to ensure your presentations are engaging and impactful.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. For access to all of these resources, download our 2017 Marketing Strategy Templates & Guides today.

2017 Marketing Strategy

from HubSpot Marketing Blog https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/kickoff-toolkit-marketers


Author: London SEO Services

We have been providing SEO solutions to clients since the birth of the internet. Whilst our approaches have evolved over the years, our overall aim by no means has and thats making sure our users web pages rank on the first page of the search engines for suitable keywords at the same time only using ethical and long-lasting strategies. While many agencies think that they must resort to black hat SEO techniques to get success, we are able to get page one rankings for our clients even though continuously ensuring we follow practices that are not frowned upon by the the search engines. What happens if you decide to start black hat methods? Sure, you will get some early success, nevertheless, the search engines will quickly figure out what you are doing and you can face severe penalties including getting your site blocked with the search engine results totally. We work inside suggestions of main internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing! so that you never need to worry about receiving any penalties from the work we do on your behalf.

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