The Future of Virtual Reality – Reshaping The Business World Today

In the beginning of 1990s, the interaction of public with virtual reality was rarely went due to primitive demo of few blocky images of chessboard. With the growth of entertainment industry, the people were still taking huge interests on applications of virtual reality in gaming and cinematic experiences. The VR systems were continue to be used in various fields.

“Most VE developers are hoping for making the technology which originally belongs to another discipline that fits best for the business. Making a convincing virtual environment can take really a very long time in the real time. The more the practical the environment, the longer time is required to make it. A team of developers is required for more than a year in order to mirror the accuracy of real room in a virtual space.” said Lizz from Marketing Company Hampshire
Avoiding unhealthy ergonomics by creating a system is another main challenge for the developers of VR Systems. There are many systems depend upon hardware create the limits of options for the developer with physical tethers. The user may feel the trouble with no well-designed software. In this situation, the user may lose the sense of tele-presence or he can feel cybersickness along with nausea and lack of concentration and other symptoms. When some people may get no ill effects to discover the virtual environment, this is not important all users are prone to cybersickness.
According to some psychologists, the virtual environment immersion can affect the users psychologically. When the user gets into violent circumstances due to the VE systems, they could become desensitized. There is always a risk that the VE entertainment could breed the sociopath generations. Though many people are unaware about desensitization, but it may tends to a type of cyber addiction. Due to online and gaming presence, there are many youngsters neglecting the real world. In this way, the virtual environment is potentially more addictive.
Another condition which is serious and critical to consider is crime. In the virtual reality, describing the criminal offenses like murder, rape etc. can create huge problems. This is quite difficult to charge a criminal for the crime scene in the virtual world. Studies claim that people can stimuli among the realistic physical and emotional reactions. This is still possible that the virtual attack can make the victim feel emotional problems in the real world.


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