How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Poster Design for Any Event [Infographic]

event posters.png

There’s something about the word “poster” that seems very … retro. I remember having a Metallica poster hanging in my room as an angstry teenager. Who knew that they might someday pertain to my line of work?

As it turns out, posters aren’t as old-school as we might think. In fact, they’re still quite effective devices for promoting events. Making yours stand out, however, is the tricky part.

Like so many other things in marketing, it requires a combination of creativity and formula. But what are the success factors? And what makes a poster look its best?

You’re in luck. Our friends at Venngage, who know a thing or two about creating compelling visuals, put together this infographic to guide you along your poster-making journey. It’ll help you figure out what information is essential to include on your poster, and how to make it aesthetically appealing — without overwhelming the viewer.


free infographics master class

from HubSpot Marketing Blog


Author: London SEO Services

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